Please see the most common questions we receive below.

Can I see you play before I book?

Yes! We have a few free showcase events throughout the year. If you would like to come to a showcase, please register your interest at this link:

Cody Pennington Band Showcases

Where are you based?

Birmingham, UK.

Do you travel far for gigs?

Yes – We travel all over the country for gigs!

Do you charge for travel?

This depends on your choice of services.

  • All Day Entertainment Package, Just Cody Package Full Band Evening Set
    Travel included up to 150 miles, then £0.25 per mile from B90 2PW (rounded to the nearest £5).
  • Afternoon Acoustic Set
    Travel included up to 100 miles, then £0.25 per mile from B90 2PW (rounded to the nearest £5).

*All travel calculated from postcode B90 2PW.

How much are your deposits?

Our deposits depend on the service you are requesting. 

  • All Day Entertainment Package – £150
  • Just Cody Package – £150
  • Full Band Evening Set – £100
  • Afternoon Acoustic Set – £100

How much room do you need?

Preferably 3×4 metres. However, we have been able to squeeze into smaller spaces. So, please don’t worry too much about space!

Is a noise limiter a problem?

No – We have played with noise limiters quite a few times and have had no issues. We will work with your venue to ensure everyone has a great night without setting off any limiters. 

My venue requires an electric drum kit - can you provide this?

Yes – We can play with an electric drum kit.

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