Please see the most common questions we receive below.

Do you give discounts?

Our prices are very competitive compared to many other function bands, so discounts are rare.

However, there are certain circumstances where we may be able to offer a discount on our prices. This is completely dependent on availability, the date of your event, and other factors that must be discussed before a quote can be given.

Feel free to email us at info@codypennington.com with any questions.

Can I see you play before I book?

Yes! We have a few free showcase events throughout the year. If you would like to come to a showcase, please register your interest at this link:

Cody Pennington Band Showcases

Where are you based?

Birmingham, UK.

Do you travel far for gigs?

Yes – We travel all over the country for gigs!

Do you charge for travel?

This depends on your choice of services.

*All travel calculated from postcode B90 2PW.

How much are your deposits?

Our deposits depend on the service you are requesting. 

How much room do you need?

Preferably 3×4 metres. However, we have been able to squeeze into smaller spaces. So, please don’t worry too much about space!

Is a noise limiter a problem?

No – We have played with noise limiters quite a few times and have had no issues. We will work with your venue to ensure everyone has a great night without setting off any limiters. 

My venue requires an electric drum kit - can you provide this?

Yes – We can play with an electric drum kit.