Possible discounts may be available for the following events:

  • Weekday Events / Sunday Events (Non-Bank Holiday)
  • Events During The Months Of November-March
  • Charity Events

Below is a list of possible discounts. PLEASE NOTE that these discounts are not guaranteed, and are only ball-park figures. All discounts are decided on a case-by-case basis and based solely on the “comfortable budget” that you submit below. To request a discount, please fill in the form below

All Day Packages

All Day Entertainment Package
All Day Acoustic Duo Package
Just Cody Package

Individual Services

Full Band Evening Set
Acoustic Duo Evening Set
Afternoon Acoustic Set 

Check our availability here first: AVAILABILITY
Please be honest. We do not like to haggle over prices - we want to help meet your budget. If we can meet your budget, we will!
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